"X-JAM" underwent some changes in 2006. At present the group is composed of Luca Giometti (drums-percussion, the band’s founder, Deviana P. (lead vocals) with "X-Jam" since 1998, Paolo Morini (bass-vocals), Giampaolo Saviozzi (piano, keyboards-vocals), Gianluca Belpassi (guitar), and a welcome return to Cris Pacini (sax) and featuring percussion by Tribal Jam.
After being absent from the musical scene a comeback with a new and interesting recording, a studio produced CD, a videoclip and the production of a new live show.
"X-JAM" has, over the years, appeared on numerous national television programmes (RAI 1, RAI 2, RAI 3 etc.) as well as playing live on stage on tour with artists like Tullio De Piscopo, Linda Wesley, Karl potter, Tony Esposito and others.
A musical event which hits home with audiences everywhere, musical pieces and songs that are often in our memory banks are revisited, rearranged in an original blend together with the band’s “groove” and often with nost talented special guests. A mixture ofi jazz, rock, funky, soul, rhythm & blues, latin american music and more.
The year 2006 ends with the beginning of an ongoing musical working relationship with tha mastro of percussion, Tony Esposito. And on the horizon musical projects with important artists of international fame of which we will keep you posted.


For the 2007 season the Tour with well-known Neapolitan percussionist Tony Esposito.



It’s a meeting point, a musical crossroads where the famous Italian percussionist beats time with this group of talented instrumentalists.

The performance, a magical amalgam of colours and "World Music"- like sound, is a journey of "Circular Rhythm", breathing new life into Tony’s most famous compositions: Kalimba De Luna, Pagaia, As to As, Sinuè, Papa Chico and more. Add in tracks from his latest album "Viaggio Tribale".