Luca Giometti (drums and percussion) founds the band in 1988. After studying with Tullio De Piscopo in the mid seventies, he started his musical career on three At the start of the eighties played primarily with jazz pianist Riccardo Zegna (jazz-club RAI 3). Subsequently undertook a successful tour with Tropicana (latin-american musical group appearing on various RAI television programmes) thus playing with special guests like Rosy Silva, Gal Costa, Tania Maria and Gilberto Gil (Discoring, Fantastico, Festivabar, etc.).
With Stefania Dal Pino’s Blues Report band held concerts all over Italy, taking part in Renzo Arbore’s D.O.C. broadcast. His next live appearances were with Clive Griffiths and Rick Hutton’s “VideoMusic Band” on a well-received Italian tour in the peninula’s best known concert halls (special guest Rita Chiarelli, impressive Canadian vocalist, ex-backup singer di Gino Vannelli, Bryan Adams, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, etc.). Becomes regular guest of the programme “Making Music” (VideoMusic) where he even becomes the co-presenter with Rick Hutton, broadcasting videoclips showing the world’s most famous drummers of the time. Then playing in the “James Thompson Band” and, at the same time, being the technical expert and endorser for UFIP Cymbals, HIPercussion and MC Drums, took part in master seminars with great drummers like Carl Palmer, Steve Gadd, Danny Gottlieb, Billy Cobham, Dennis Chambers, Vinnie Colaiuta, Terry Bozzio, and percussionists like Louis Withte, Alex Acuna and Raoul Rekov. Also worked with Milan’s Modern Music Academy and with Parsifal musical collective in Florence. From his ongoing activity of teaching he formed a group consisting of percussionists only called Tribal Jam.
Luca Giometti works for recording studios as a session musician playing with both Italian and foreign artists for TV advertising and soundtracks (between 1994 and 1998, for example, he was called time and again to play in the States at the “Los Angeles Studios” to work on original movie soundtracks - among others for the actress Whoopie Goldberg), while at the same time meeting and playing in jam-sessions and not only with artisti of international fame like Chaka Khan, Kate Sledge, Nona Hendrix, Stanley Clark, Steve Vai and the amazing Jeff Beck.
In the following years meets Leonard Goodies and with him founds the Dixie Jam in which he played together with James Thompson, Gianna Cerchier, Andrea Fruzzetti and Sax Gordon, and over several years playing in clubs all over Italy and at many important festivals (Pistoia Blues ’94, in various editions of the Summertime Blues Festival, Oristano Jazz, Lugano Blues, Ravenna Jazz, Anfiteatro Jazz, Umbria Jazz and many others). With this band he recorded and produced a CD (“Dixie Jam Live”), and some of these recordings were used and published in the compilation CDs “Blues in Italia”, vol. 1 and 2 (‘95-‘96) for Sony Music. Luca also takes part in important programmes like Roxy Bar and Help (VideoMusic).
After the Dixie Jam break-up in 1995, Luca Giometti goes ahead with a new formation to accompany new and original artists: hence the birth of X-Jam, which over the years has undergone many innovative transformations. Back to playing live, but not just in Italy all over Europe with artists like Crystal White, Phyllis Blandford, Gianna Cerchier, Bynna Leese Routh, Mia Cooper, Linda Wesley, Karl Potter, James Thompson, Sax Gordon, Deborah Johnson and Karin Mensah. From this experience a CD entitled “Wake Up”, arranged by X-Jam containing both original tracks and cover versions. The CD is presented on various TV programmes: Rai 2, Rai 3, Odeon TV, Canale 10 and many others (1998) rogether with a CD recorded entirely live iand titled: “…a wrong in a life…”, in which some of the guests listed above took part (2001).
In the summer of ’99 the band goes on tour with Tony Esposito and Karl Potter; in the following spring-summer 2000 a long tour with M° Tullio De Piscopo with whom he played in the live broadcast on Rai 1 in the programme “Il primo giorno” in honour of the reopening of the Vittoriano in Rome, before the President of Italy, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. And the vocalist of the band was Deviana P…
Worthy of note the publication of the CD “Tribal Jam” (August 2002), a “multiethnic” record created and produced by Luca Giometti. The contents? Music with only voice and percussion in every form and extraction. 2 tracks are remixed in 2003. A successful series of live performances with percussion with "Ensamble" and the most enjoyable making of 2 videoclips broadcast on various television channels.
In 2002 new band and a new CD published in 2003 with the raw sounds of Rock, R&B and Soul. Practically recorded live, “Experience” offers newly arranged versions of songs by Ike & Tina Turner, Koko Taylor, Cream, Jimi Hendrix and others. Once again the fenale voice belongs to Deviana P. A year of live concerts full of energy and new musical progressions and developments.
And so it is that in 2005 a bew promotional CD partly recorded live and partly in studio (Mixture). More changes in the band. A collective of varied musicians increased the musical mixture of styles and influences. And with the current band the main goal of Luca Giometti is practically reached. And the same aim of the band members. An ability to go from one extreme of the musical spectrum to another! The 2006 CD is “No Rules” just published, with irony, fun and warmth. Following this album a spectular live videoclip. In 2007 2 videoclips with a biographical content telling the story from past to present. Currently iworking on the next album planned for spring 2008.